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2021-2022 NOVA Catalog 
2021-2022 NOVA Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Passport Courses

Passport Courses

The following courses are transferable to most Virginia public institutions of higher education and will, with a few exceptions, satisfy a lower-division general education requirement. These courses should be considered if you are not sure of your transfer major or transfer school. If you are following transfer pathways, these courses are already used in those guides.

Select one course from Blocks I, III, IV, and V.  

One additional course must be selected from either Blocks II or VI.  

Block I - Written Communication
Block II - Fine Arts, Humanities
Block III- Social and Behavioral Sciences
Block IV - Natural Sciences
Block V - Mathematics

Quantitative/Statistics Pathway:

 Calculus Pathway:

* MTH 161/162 and 167 should only be taken by students preparing for calculus or for four-year degree programs that require study in College Algebra/PreCalc.  Precalculus may not satisfy general education and may not receive transfer credit.

Block VI - History



  • JMU does not accept ENG 111 toward satisfaction of general education requirements.
  • CNU does not accept MTH 154 toward satisfaction of general education requirements.
  • W&M does not have a college-wide general education composition requirement. ENG 111 will not count toward satisfaction of general education requirements but students will receive generalized credit for the course.