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2021-2022 NOVA Catalog 
2021-2022 NOVA Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

What’s new in this Catalog 2021-2022

All revisions are effective Fall 2021

Most students entering NOVA in the fall semester of 2021 and afterwards will not take a placement test to determine which classes they can enroll in. Recent high school graduates are placed by a process called direct enrollment. Students who graduated from high school more than five years ago are placed by a process called informed self-placement. Although high school graduates and GED recipients are no longer required to take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), the VPT is still required for students who will receive veterans benefits and for students who have not completed high school or a GED.

Transfer VA Curricular Changes

We have created a blog to track all curricular changes from the statewide Transfer VA initiative taking place between now and Fall 2022. Visit the blog at

Approved New Program

Biology, A.S.   

Approved Discontinued Programs

Automotive Technology: Emissions Specialization, A.A.S.   

Hospitality Management, A.A.S.  

Hospitality Management: Culinary Arts, Certificate   

Hospitality Management: Food Service Management Specialization, A.A.S.   

Massage Therapy, C.S.C.   

Approved New Courses

ECO 150 Economic Essentials: Theory and Application   replacing ECO 120.

PLS 200 Introduction to Political and Democratic Theory  replacing PLS 120.

ENG 275 Women’s Literature  replacing ENG 273 and ENG 274. 

New Developmental English Courses replacing ENF:

EDE 10 English Composition Preparation  

EDE 11 English Composition Readiness  

New Developmental Mathematical courses replacing MTT:   

For information on Math placement, changes to the developmental courses, and what MTH course to take clike here -

MDE 10 Introduction to Algebra  

MDE 54 Learning Support for Quantitative Reasoning  

MDE 60 Intermediate Algebra  

MDE 61 Learning Support for Pre-Calculus  

Approved Title Change to Courses

PLS 135 U.S. Government and Politics   from American National Politics.

PLS 136 State and Local Government and Politics   from State and Local Politics. 

PLS 241 Introduction to International Relations   from International Relations I.

HUM 201 Early Humanities  from Survey of Western Culture I

HUM 202 Modern Humanities   from Survey of Western Culture II

Approved Discontinued Courses

ENF 1, ENF 2, ENF 3

​MCR4, MCR 6

MTT 1, MTT 2, MTT 4

CHM 102

HIS 253, HIS 254

HUM 165, HUM 241, HUM 242

MUS 122

PLS 120, PLS 211, PLS 212, PLS 242

New information on G3 Initiative

The Governor’s Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back Initiative statewide G3 initiative provides an opportunity for any Virginian to earn a college credential that meets critical employer demands. HB 2204 established G3 is a last-dollar grant for eligible students after all other qualified federal and state financial aid are applied. G3 is a limited pool of funds and will be awarded on a first-come/first-served basis as eligibility is determined. Click here for more information.

Updates to the Credit for Prior Learning Manual

College Records Office Process Change

Students are required to submit form 125-049E (Transfer Credit Evaluation Request) and send official documents to to initiate the evaluation process. VCCS students will need to submit this form in order to be identified by the College Records Office for transfer credit evaluation.

Prior to submitting form 125-049E, the student must ensure they are placed in the degree plan of their choice. Upon a student’s submission of form 125-049E, a maximum of 45 credits will be transferred in as applicable to the student’s degree plan on record in the Student Information System (SIS) at the time of the request. The 45 credit maximum includes elective courses, “EEE” credits, and direct equivalent courses. The College Records Office (CRO) will implement this process with a review of the requestors’ advisement report for degree requirements. Applicable credits will be transferred in with consideration given to elective courses that require a faculty review in order to be substituted for a direct course equivalency.

CPL: Additional Notes   Ten Year Limit

Information Technology, Computer Science, Nursing, or Health Sciences courses more than ten years old are not routinely accepted; exceptions must be approved by the Pathway Dean. Furthermore, science courses ten years old will not be accepted for degree programs such as Nursing or Health Sciences.

CPL: Section 7-Credit Earned from other Exams   - New York University (NYU) Foreign Language Proficiency Exams 

NOVA awards credit for students who have completed NYU’s Foreign Language Proficiency Exams. This option is intended for students who were educated in a language other than English and wish to earn college credit for their native language. NOVA will accept the 12-Point exam for World Language 201 and 202.

CPL: Section 3-Credit by Advanced Placement (AP) Exam  

Name changes to AP exams to reflect the exact name on College Board’s website and to meet SCHEV’s requirement for the Transfer VA portal. The changes will improve the document verification process and accommodate the Transfer VA portal which will provide consistent data to students on which schools give what credit for the same AP exam. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to contact CPL Coordinator at if they have any questions about AP Exams.  

Policy updates AP Exams:

Mathematics and Computer Science AP Exams

New: AP Calculus AB score of “3 or higher” grants credit for MTH 261

Language Exams

Spanish Literature and Culture score of “3” grants credit for SPA 202

“4” grants credit for SPA 271 (note: SPA 233 can be substituted)

“5” grants credit for SPA 271 and 272

Visual, Performing, and Media Arts AP Exams

AP Studio Art (2D,3D, & Drawing) awards “ART EEE” credit for scores of “3 or higher”

Note: If students want a direct course equivalency they will have to submit a course substitution request with all supporting documents for a review by faculty.

Music Theory score of “3 or higher” grants credit for MUS 111

CPL: Section 2-Credit from Certification or Credentials  

New Certifications added

The CPL Committee and Curriculum Committee analyzed and approved two new certifications to award students college credit. Currently, we have seven faculty mapped G-3 approved and Fast-forward eligible industry certifications out of 13.

Policy update to add new certifications

CompTIA Project+ certification: Valid certification within 5 years grants credit for ITP 170

OSHA 10 General Industry Outreach Training Valid grants credit for SAF 130 

Update to existing policy

L1: Advanced Engine Performance Certification grants credit for AUT 121 only

Certificates removed

We no longer offer college credit for the following two certifications due to specific training from original NOVA agreement no longer available by both agencies, learning content (e.g. curriculum) changes, and an expired review of educational/training material.

Community Preservation and Development Corporation certificate of completion

Northern Virginia Family Services certification of completion

CPL: Section 7-Credit Earned from other Exams  

Student Development (SDV) ABLE Exam Instructions

NOVA’s Testing Centers are offering the SDV ABLE exam to students remotely. The student should send a message to their nearest campus testing center email address. Check the section for more information.

Health (HLT) 141-Introduction to Medical Terminology ABLE Exam Instructions

The HLT 141 ABLE exam is now available in Canvas to students remotely. Students can request the exam by emailing the Medical Education Campus (MEC) testing center. Check the manual for more information.