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2024-2025 NOVA Catalog 
2024-2025 NOVA Catalog

General Education Electives

General education is that portion of the collegiate experience that addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values characteristic of educated persons. It is unbounded by disciplines and honors the connections among bodies of knowledge. NOVA degree graduates will demonstrate competency in the following general education areas: civic engagement, critical thinking, professional readiness, quantitative literacy, scientific literacy, and written communication.

Consequently, the College, in accord with the general education guidelines of the Virginia Community College System, has determined the following list of general education electives.

It is highly recommended that students consult with an academic advisor or counselor in order to select the most appropriate course for their curriculum and/or transferability to another college.

NOVA offers Passport Courses, which are typically taken in the first semester of many degree programs. These courses will transfer to most Virginia public colleges and universities. Exceptions may exist for specific baccalaureate programs.

Certain programs of study may require specific types of electives. Each type of elective is listed below.

Open Electives may be filled by any course offered by the College.

Transfer Electives may be filled by any General Education elective or other transferable courses from an approved, limited listing. Each degree program that uses this elective has its own list of approved courses.

Technical Electives may be filled only by the specific courses allowed by the program.

General Education Electives may be filled by any course on the General Education list below.








Transfer VA Curricular Changes

We have created a blog to track all curricular changes from the statewide Transfer VA initiative taking place between now and Fall 2022. Visit the blog at https://blogs.nvcc.edu/academic-affairs.