Oct 04, 2022  
2022-2023 NOVA Catalog 
2022-2023 NOVA Catalog

What’s new in this Catalog 2022-2023

All revisions are effective Fall 2022
Transfer VA Curricular Changes

Due to the statewide Transfer VA initiative, there have been many changes to NOVA courses since last year. We have created a blog to track these curricular changes and the programs they impact. Visit our blog at https://blogs.nvcc.edu/academic-affairs.    

Changes to the General Education Electives

- Because there are multiple changes in each category, please make sure to revisit the General Education Electives  list  prior to course selection.

- A new category has been added: Communication, Languages, Studio Art, and Technology Electives  

- The humanities/fine arts electives include separate categories titled Art, Humanities, and Literature. Students in some programs are now required to select two courses from two different categories.

Transfer VA common curricula 

These programs have had major revisions to align with Transfer VA common curricula:

Computer Science, A.S.  

Engineering, A.S.  

Approved New Courses

To learn which other courses were changed and which programs were affected by these changes, visit our blog - https://blogs.nvcc.edu/academic-affairs.

ART 200 - History of Non-Western Art  - replacing ART 105

ART 215 - History of Modern Art  - replacing ART 106

ART 223 - Life Drawing  - replacing ART 122 

CSC 221 - Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming  replacing CSC 200

CSC 222 - Object Oriented Programming  replacing CSC 201

CSC 223 - Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms  replacing CSC 202

EGR 271 - Electric Circuits I   replacing EGR 251 and EGR 255

EGR 272 - Electric Circuits II   replacing EGR 252

ENG 225 - Reading Literature: Culture and Ideas  - NEW

ENG 245 - British Literature  replacing ENG 243/ENG 244

ENG 246 - American Literature   replacing ENG 241/ENG 242

ENG 255 - World Literature  replacing ENG 251/252

ENG 258 - African American Literature  replacing ENG 253

ITE 152 - Introduction to Digital and Information Literacy and Computer Applications  replacing ITE 115 and ITE 119

PSY 210 - Statistics for Behavioral Sciences  replacing PSY 213

PHY 100 - Elements of Physics  - replacing PHY 101 

PHY 241 - University Physics I  - replacing PHY 231

PHY 242 - University Physics II   - replacing PHY 232

REL 237 - Religions of the East  - replacing REL 231

REL 238 - Religions of the West  - replacing REL 232

Credit change

ASL 201 - Intermediate American Sign Language I (3 CR.)     

ASL 202 - Intermediate American Sign Language II (3 CR.)   

ASL 261 - Advanced American Sign Language I (4 CR.)   

ASL 262 - Advanced American Sign Language II (4 CR.)    

PSY 211 - Research Methodology for Behavioral Sciences (4 CR.)      

CHI 101 - Beginning Chinese I (4 CR.)    

CHI 102 - Beginning Chinese II (4 CR.)  

RUS 201 - Intermediate Russian I (4 CR.)  

RUS 202 - Intermediate Russian II (4 CR.)    

Direct Enrollment

Most students will not need to take a placement test at NOVA. NOVA uses a direct enrollment and self-informed placement process to help students decide which college-level Math and English courses to start with. Find out more here.

Information on G3 Initiative

The Governor’s Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back Initiative (G3) provides an opportunity for any Virginian to earn a college credentials that meet critical employer demands. HB 2204 established G3 as a last-dollar grant for eligible students after all other qualified federal and state financial aid are applied. G3 has a limited pool of funds which will be awarded on a first-come/first-served basis as eligibility is determined. Click here for more information.

Catalog year selection 

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