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2022-2023 NOVA Catalog 
2022-2023 NOVA Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NOL - NOVA Online

NOVA is committed to preparing students for today’s workforce and recognizes computers to be an extension of the learning tools needed to be globally competitive. To attend NOVA, students are expected to have a laptop (or a desktop with webcam and microphone) that meets the minimum requirements for their major and internet access at home or through a mobile device hot spot. (NOTE: Chromebooks and iPads are useful but insufficient to replace a laptop. They will not run all the software typically needed at NOVA). Students can find the required specifications for their computers in the Student Computer Specifications document.

NOVA Online offers online learning courses to students who require a more flexible schedule for their academic work, seek to complete NOVA courses while residing outside the local area, or prefer to learn online. Many NOVA degrees/specializations and certificates can be earned-in their entirety or in part-online. Courses are available in more than sixty disciplines. See the NOVA Online website at https://online.nvcc.edu/ for a complete listing of programs and courses.

Most coursework may be completed at home, although some courses require some face-to-face participation. For each 3-credit course, students should plan to study at least 6-9 hours each week. All NOVA Online online learning courses require regular Internet access. NOVA Online courses have regular deadlines for course progress. When taking a NOVA Online course, students will have faculty and staff support when they need it. Faculty provide valuable assistance by telephone, e-mail, office visits, or web conferencing. NOVA Online has counselors, success coaches, a librarian, online tutors, and other support staff to assist students, and the NOVA campuses provide additional services such as computer labs and in-person tutoring. Students also interact with their classmates throughout their online courses.

Courses include two or more proctored exams/assignments. Similar to campus-based courses, faculty will be proctoring your assessments virtually during a scheduled period using either Respondus Monitor and Respondus Lockdown Browser and/or Zoom Live proctoring scenarios. Under special circumstances students may need to secure an exam proctor.  Testing information can be found at https://online.nvcc.edu/testinginfo.html.

Students may enroll in NOVA Online courses the same way they enroll in on-campus courses, through NOVAConnect online. Most NOVA Online courses have multiple sections starting throughout the semester. When course capacity limits are reached, NOVA Online sections are closed to further enrollment. Advising for NOVA Online courses is available from the NOVA Online counselors. Veterans and military-related students who use VA benefits must have classes certified by completing the online Veterans Enrollment Form. For international students, certain restrictions apply to how many NOVA Online credits they may take in a given semester. More information on registration can be found at https://online.nvcc.edu/registration.html.

For additional information, see “NOVA Online” in the Academic Policies and Information  section or visit the NOVA Online website at https://online.nvcc.edu/. Individuals may write to NOVA Online, Northern Virginia Community College, 8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Virginia 22003, or call 703-323-3368 or 703-323-3347.

NOVA Online Staff


Main number 703-323-3000  
Counselors 703-323-3347  
NOVA Online Hotline 703-323-3347  
Financial Aid 703-764-5015  
IT Support 703-764-5051  
Librarian 703-764-5083  
Registration 703-323-3368  
Success Coaches 703-764-5076  
Testing/Proctors 703-323-3347