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2022-2023 NOVA Catalog 
2022-2023 NOVA Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CPL: Section 8-Credit Earned Via Waiver

Credits Earned with Waiver

General Information

Please note, credits earned via a waiver process does not alter or change the total number of credit required for degree completion.  Students should consult with appropriate faculty, advisors and transfer specialists to discuss what courses should be taken in lieu of a course that was waived.

SDV Waiver for Students With A Previous Degree

Students who have graduated with an associate, baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited United States institution of higher education are considered to have fulfilled NOVA’s SDV requirement

PED Waiver for Criminal Justice Academy Completers

Students who have completed a program of study at a state academy recognized by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services may be granted all or part of the physical education (PED) credit required for a degree program.

PED Waiver for Active Fire Department and Police Employees

Students who are currently employed by a fire department or police force and can document that they have completed physical fitness requirements for the job may have up to two credits of physical education requirements waived. Such a waiver is at the discretion of the academic dean responsible for the student’s curriculum and will require that an additional two credits of general elective be completed to meet the total number of credits required for the degree. The online Substitution Request Form must be submitted to designate which course will be used to meet the credit requirement.

World Language Credit and Waiver

Students who have completed two years of foreign language in high school or whose native language is not English may:

  • Take the Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or SAT II exam or NYU Foreign language exam if prior education is in a language covered by one of those tests (see Section 3). Students who achieve a satisfactory score will be awarded credit for the foreign language that may be used toward completion of a degree.
  • Students who are proficient in a foreign language not offered by NOVA or through CLEP may request a waiver of the foreign language requirement in A.A. degrees. Proficiency is generally indicated if the student has at least the equivalent of a high school diploma from an institution where the primary language is other than English. If the foreign language requirement is waived, additional general education electives must be completed to meet the minimum credit requirements for the degree. This waiver is accomplished through the student sending a copy of the foreign transcript along with an email request for a waiver to the College Records Office using the AsktheCRO@nvcc.edu email address.